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  • Net desktop and web applications development
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Our ASP.NET Services

Core Informatics has an excellent technical experience in ASP.NET as it is a widely accepted technology for creating robust, dynamic & scalable Web applications. ASP.NET pages, commonly known as Web Forms are compiled and stored on the web server for providing better performance. They give you the flexibly to build powerful form-based pages for your website. ASP.Net is a Microsoft programming language that allows rapid development of powerful web applications with benefits of .Net framework.

Oddeven Infotech Pvt Ltd offers you the full cycle of ASP.NET development services, from analysis of requirements and design to testing, deployment and further support. This framework can be used for creating services for integration into a mobile or a desktop application. For example, it is widely used for building SaaS-software, branded software, online shops, various mass media, portals, blogs, and presentations. Designing a website in ASP.NET allows creating pages with dynamic content. The latest release of ASP.NET framework is wielded by our developers and currently is at your service.

Typical reasons for migration to application development include: obsolete technology and lack of resources for maintaining older applications; complex architecture and scalability problems; business logic mix-ups; integration problems with other systems; and difficulty in upgrading a system for new user requirements. Our migration approach starts with understanding our client’s business needs and thorough technical evaluation of the existing applications, to define the strategy and methodology that will fully achieve their specific requirements and objectives.

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