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Windows Apps Development

Windows Application Development Services

  • Business Application
  • E- Business & m-commerce Applications
  • User Interface Design
  • QA/Testing Services across devices
  • Music and Sound Related Apps
  • Scientific data converters

Windows Application Development Services

Windows Phone is on track to being one of the most popular smart phones on the market today. We have been using the SDK for Windows mobile application development and have mastered it successfully. We provide end-to-end development services in Windows Mobile Application Development.

Our expert programmers have extensive knowledge in the applications that can help you expand your mobile applications’ user base. Whatever our team suggests for the entire solution, meets your business needs.

Windows Mobile is a compact operating system that comes with a suite of basic Windows applications for mobile devices. Devices that run Windows Mobile include Pocket PCs, Smart phones, Portable Media Centers, and on-board computers for certain automobiles. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Oddeven Infotech Pvt Ltd has a team of experienced and professional Windows Mobile developers who have been developing applications that run on the Windows Mobile platforms.

Oddeven Infotech Pvt Ltd has designed and developed some of the finest Windows mobile applications for a huge clientele, and has always been known for delivering unmatched mobile solutions. With a sound technical approach and impeccable R&D skills, we have catered many clients across the US, UK & Europe market.

As the available windows users have a comparative higher-app usage, it has a better reach among the developers. Another feature comes at the recent acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, in-process making its future priorities clear.